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and to create a new lifestyle for a better world of Industry 4.0
through effective adapted learning solutions that promotes creativity

convergence of knowledge and advanced technologies.




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Coding Education Program

Book Planning & Publication

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India Business Trip Guide by Yeungki Kim
Oh! My Customer by Youngjune Kwon
Telling You about Real India by Min Joon Park
Arise, Awake in Korean by Rashmi Bansal
White Paper of Seoul Digital Policies by Seoul City

Coding for Kids Using Scratch

Contents & Service

Educational Contents 
for Engaging Tech

Gamification of Contents 
for Adapted Learning

Self-Initiave Kids Platform


Safe & fun digital protection for your kids! 
Stop worrying about your child using a smartphone and start focusing on how you manage your child using it well from early childhood.
Let your child learn and create good smartphone habits with Odinga, which is the fun and safe personalized digital learning launcher app for the children. Odinga will be a good friend of you and your child.


플랜지:북스는 세계가 주목하는 시장 인도에 대해 깊고 넓은 이해를 도모할 수 있는 지식과 기업가정신, 청년창업, 인도 스타트업에 관한 
인사이트를 제공하는 더플랜지의 도서출판 브랜드입니다.  

PLANG:BOOKS is the publishing brand of The Plan G Co., Ltd., which aims to share insights about knowledge, entrepreneurship, 
startups of India to help its readers deepen understanding of India and its rapid-developing market.

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